Since she was a little girl, Lauren O'Jea has loved to draw. The earliest memories that Lauren has are of paper, pencil, and faces. Beautiful eyes and eyelashes, femininely arched eyebrows, pretty Cupid's bowed lips, delicate noses; these were the sketches on the outsides of her notebooks and margins of college-ruled paper.

The fascination of the face followed Lauren to college, where she majored in Fine Arts, and focused on Portraiture and Figure Drawing. Now more experienced and able to tackle more complicated mediums, she found new things to love about her favorite subject, including the play of light and shadow, how to represent texture, and using color to make her drawings and paintings come alive with warmth.

After spending several post-college years working traditional jobs and finding them not entirely fulfilling, Lauren decided to master her ultimate medium: Makeup. She began her career as a makeup artist in Providence, Rhode Island, working in the small but vibrant fashion scene. Soon, Lauren would move to New York to pursue her dream. 

Lauren O'Jea is a New York City-based makeup artist specializing in commercial, editorial, and private client work.